Boston 2075

The runners will try to find their place in the Boston Metroplex and, if they’re lucky, it won’t be in a ditch.

Shadowrun >noun
Any movement, action, or series of such made in carrying out plans which are illegal or quasilegal.

The year is 2075 and we are in Boston, MA, UCAS (United Canadian and American States). The world is very different than 2015 and, yet, very much the same. Megacorporations are the mightiest powers in the world with country governments looking up at them. The second largest megacorporation in the world, NeoNet, is headquartered in downtown Boston, but they aren’t alone; all ten of the AAA (top-tier) megas have a presence here, be it the company proper or just a subsidiary. If the megas weren’t enough to worry about, there are a fistful of gangs fighting their turf wars from Foxborough to Lowell.


Boston 2075 Google Map

Boston 2075

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